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Relationships and Health Education

Relationships and Health Education

At our school, we have adopted a mixed approach using both Jigsaw and the Birmingham Approach to Relationships and Health Education in Primary Schools as a basis for how we teach Relationships and Health.  Before we started to teach these lessons, we conducted a consultation.  Here is some more information:


Our approach to Character Education means that aspects of Relationships and Health Education are covered throughout the curriculum, including in Commando Joe's, Picture News and Jigsaw PSHE lessons.  We do also teach discrete RHE lessons.  We want all children in our school, whoever they are, whatever family they are from, to feel valued and respected, and to see themselves reflected in the resources and the relationships that are modelled through the craft of teaching in our school every day.


Here is a document that shows how children's understanding of relationships and health are developed through Key Stage 2.

Here are our overviews for the whole of Key Stage 2.  These documents are used by teachers to help them plan in detail the key knowledge children will learn about different aspects of Relationships and Health in each year group.  

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