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Physical Education

Through our Physical Education curriculum, we want our children to understand the importance of physical and mental wellbeing to support them now and for the long-term.  This has become even more important as we recover from the impact of the pandemic. We believe that the opportunity to be taught a wide range of games, gymnastics skills and dance will support them to enjoy physical activity, improve their confidence and abilities and understand its value. 


Physical Education is taught by our teachers who collaborate with Sports Coaches to deliver lessons.  This year, we have started to use 'Striver' to further support the teaching of Physical Education and Wellbeing.  This scheme has a focus on both physical and mental wellbeing  inline with our aims.  Children will have lessons about elements of Wellbeing such as Mindfullness and Personal Care as well as more traditional Physical Education lessons. 


This document shows how children's physical education skills progress through Key Stage 2. 

Here are some examples of our knowledge organisers.  These documents are used by teachers to help them plan in detail the key knowledge children will learn about different aspects of Physical Education in each Year Group.  

As well as their class Physical Education lessons, children also have additional skills sessions in groups of 15 as part of the enrichment day every two weeks.  In Year 3 and Year 4, children have additional dance sessions too.  

As a school, we are committed to providing as many children as possible with opportunities to take part in competitive sport.  We are part of the School Games Programme which is organised by Streetly Academy for Walsall Primary Schools.  

The events are split across 3 categories:

Inspire- Events aimed at students who may not be the most engaged in physical activity, come and learn/practise new skills.

Engage- Events aimed at students who wouldn't normally represent your school, focus on taking part non competitive. 

Competition- Traditional Sporting events for students who enjoy the competition of trying to win.


Here are some photos of our children taking part in PE lessons and in some of these extra-curricular events:

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