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What we are learning this term


We are starting the term by spending 2 weeks recapping some of the things that children will have started to learn in Year 2. This is to help them catch up on what they have missed as well as help them to settle into life in school again.


We will then start on out Power Maths work for Year 3. Recapping Year 2 work will run alongside this for the rest of the year to ensure the children have caught up with what they have missed as much as possible by the end of Year 3.


In the Autumn Term, we will be looking at place value, addition and subtraction of two 3-digit numbers, and starting to look at multiplication and division.



We will start the year by completing the second part of a transition unit that we do with the Infant school. We will then move on to the Year curriculum where we will learn about nouns, adjectives and a variety of punctuation. We will also learn about different grammatical features and how to apply them to our writing. 

We will be starting out cursive handwriting program - ask your child how they can earn their Pen Licence!


We will also be reading various texts ranging from stories and poems to non-fiction texts and song lyrics. We will be reading 'The Sheep Pig' by Dick King-Smith as our class reader for Autumn 1.



This term we will be looking at how the human body works and how we can stay healthy. We will become experts in nutrition and health, helping our clients to maintain the best diet and exercise regime possible for their lifestyle. We will study the structure of the human body, from bones to organs, and look at how different exercises can keep the different parts healthy. 



Our focus for this term is 'Buildings'. We will be answering the question 'Why is architecture important?' and looking at the role of an architect. We will also be visiting some local building to look at the design and the purpose of them. We will also learn about different buildings from throughout history and how to put them into chronological order. 




Character Education

We will be learning about Ed Stafford and the journey that he made along the Amazon River. The activities we complete will help us to learn how to work more effectively as part of a group and will teach us some of the skills we may need later in life, such as resilience and empathy.


Art and Design Technology

In Art we will be learning about oil paintings and creating a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

In Design Technology we will be working on our imagination and sewing skills by designing and creating a cushion for a loved one. 



We will be working on our music and singing skills by performing a story that celebrated the festival of Diwali. This will take place in Autumn 2.

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